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Get the romantic French look with our Stylists' Tips, meet the French Bedroom designers and artisans, or use our handy Shopping Guides to help you choose your forever bedroom.

Our Aftercare Guides will help you ensure your investment pieces will be enjoyed by your children and your children's children.

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  1. How to Style Your Room Around a Luxury Super King Size Bed

    How to Style Your Room Around a Luxury Super King Size Bed

    A bed is undeniably the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, especially if you choose a super king size bed. With a substantial amount of floor space instantly taken, it is a good idea to consider mapping the rest of your room to ensure the space does not feel overcrowded, even if you have […]

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  2. What Are The Best Plants to Help You Sleep?

    What Are The Best Plants to Help You Sleep?

    Indoor plants have been the craze for years now. We’ve all become passionate about bringing the outside world inside of our home, brightening our living space with fresh green leaves and pretty flowers, emulating an indoor jungle that brings peace and joy to our interiors. We’ve enjoyed the indoor plant trend so much so that […]

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  3. Romantic Reveries, Volume 28

    Romantic Reveries, Volume 28

    As the leaves change colour and the days get shorter, I am drawn to the gentle cascade of the sage coloured roses that envelope our Tumbling Roses collection. A reminder for us to slow down, take stock and to embrace the pace of autumn. We can all take inspiration from the slowness of the season, […]

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  4. Sleep On It: What’s in Your Pillow?

    Sleep On It: What’s in Your Pillow?

    On average, we spend 33 years of our lifetime snuggled up in the comfort of our beloved bed, surrounded by our cosy duvet and pillows. This statistic illustrates the importance of your pillows being just right for you, ensuring your perfect night’s sleep. With a wide variety of fillings available to rest your head upon […]

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  5. How To Style A Sleigh Bed

    How To Style A Sleigh Bed

    Quintessentially French in every single way is the Sleigh bed. Characterised by their curved or scrolled headboards and footboards, these timeless classics model the silhouette of a sleigh, which is how they founded their name! Originally created around 200 years ago, it is a style that was popular in 1800s France and within The US […]

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  6. Romantic Reveries, Volume 27

    Romantic Reveries, Volume 27

    Behind every design is an inspiration, a starting point, a daydream, a muse. This summer I was lucky enough to spend two weeks with the family in Normandy staying in the grounds of a breathtakingly beautiful chateau.  We stayed in a little-known area of Normandy which is a hotspot of brocante boutiques.  Being just a couple […]

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  7. How to Style a Four-Poster Bed

    How to Style a Four-Poster Bed

    Associated with romance and fairy tales, the four-poster bed is often seen as the epitome of luxury. Most often placed in the homes of kings and queens, a four-poster bed is a popular choice for those wishing to have a talking piece in their bedroom that produces a real wow-factor.  It is no surprise that […]

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  8. How To Care For Painted Furniture

    How To Care For Painted Furniture

    Aesthetically, painted furniture can be the piece de resistance within your beautiful boudoir. The perfect colour can often unify the vision you have for the room you are styling, allowing you to use it as a base to pick pairings of accessories to complement your furniture and express your style. For years to come, both […]

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  9. Emperor Bed Buying Guide

    Emperor Bed Buying Guide

    There is no feeling that compares to settling into bed after a long day. It goes without saying that our beds are our sanctuaries; a place for us to find peace and serenity, and there is no better way to find this tranquillity than in a sumptuous luxury emperor bed. What is an Emperor Bed? […]

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  10. How to create a French bedroom

    How to create a French bedroom

    At French Bedroom, we’re the masters of creating a decadent French styled bedroom, combining luxury with timelessness to exude opulence and taste. You can trust us to bring your stylish dreams to life, and by following our tips, your bedroom will emanate the same level of luxuriousness as King Louis XV’s chambers. The History of […]

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