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Get the romantic French look with our Stylists' Tips, meet the French Bedroom designers and artisans, or use our handy Shopping Guides to help you choose your forever bedroom.

Our Aftercare Guides will help you ensure your investment pieces will be enjoyed by your children and your children's children.

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  1. How to create a French bedroom

    How to create a French bedroom

    At French Bedroom, we’re the masters of creating a decadent French styled bedroom, combining luxury with timelessness to exude opulence and taste. You can trust us to bring your stylish dreams to life, and by following our tips, your bedroom will emanate the same level of luxuriousness as King Louis XV’s chambers. The History of […]

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  2. Romantic Reveries, Volume 26

    Romantic Reveries, Volume 26

    In our 26th instalment of our Romantic Reveries series, Georgia and the Team share their summer must haves, and more…

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  3. Styling with Floral Patterns to Transform Your Home

    Styling with Floral Patterns to Transform Your Home

    In the realm of interior design, the beauty of nature is often woven into the fabric of our living spaces. Among the myriad of design choices, none captivate the senses quite like the timeless allure of floral patterns. Conjuring images of blooming gardens and fragrant petals, floral motifs have long been celebrated for their ability […]

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  4. How to Choose a Luxury Mattress

    How to Choose a Luxury Mattress

    There’s nothing more blissful than a tranquil night’s sleep, and it’s essential to your health and happiness that you wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day. It’s important to choose a mattress that gives you comfort, support and the promise of sweet dreams. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to help you choose your perfect mattress.

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  5. Romantic Reveries, Volume 25

    Romantic Reveries, Volume 25

    Welcome to the 25th Romantic Reverie, marking the start of our third year! I have so much to share from behind the scenes at French Bedroom (and yes, it’s all about Chelsea Flower Show!). May was a month of bank holidays, which meant we lost three Mondays in the office, but we gained three more […]

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  6. Luxury Bed Buying Guide

    Luxury Bed Buying Guide

    When we speak to our treasured customers at French Bedroom we often compare the purchase of a bed to a wedding dress. It’s a very considered purchase, often commanding advice and opinion from family and friends.  There is often a deadline involved (eg house purchase) and it involves spending approximately the same amount of money […]

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  7. How To Decorate More Sustainably

    How To Decorate More Sustainably

    At French Bedroom, we are committed to creating beautiful spaces that not only look great, but also have a positive impact on the environment. This Earth Day, we’re sharing some tips on how to decorate more sustainably with luxury French furniture, reclaimed wood furniture, luxury jute rugs and ethical bed linen. Choose jute for your […]

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  8. Romantic Reveries, Volume 24

    Romantic Reveries, Volume 24

    Welcome to our 24th Romantic Reverie, our third year! I so enjoy chatting to you about the inside secrets from behind the scenes at French Bedroom (and the family moments of chaos and happiness behind my own front door!). This month sees the launch of our new collection: Celine & Clemence.  Hand-made in Indonesia using […]

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  9. Vive La France: French Interior Styling Secrets

    Vive La France: French Interior Styling Secrets

    When it comes to interior design, the French are renowned for their timeless elegance, effortless chic, and impeccable taste. They seem to have an innate ability to create a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that captures the essence of their culture and heritage. From the romantic charm of Parisian apartments to the rustic warmth of […]

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  10. New Wave: The Joys Of An Upholstered Bed

    New Wave: The Joys Of An Upholstered Bed

    When you think of the elements that tie a bedroom scheme together, your headboard may not immediately spring to mind. At French Bedroom however, we believe that a statement upholstered bed can be the pièce de résistance of a beautiful bedroom, elevating it from a space to a sanctuary. Read on to discover our stylists’ […]

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