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Get the romantic French look with our Stylists' Tips, meet the French Bedroom designers and artisans, or use our handy Shopping Guides to help you choose your forever bedroom.

Our Aftercare Guides will help you ensure your investment pieces will be enjoyed by your children and your children's children.

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  1. How is Rattan Furniture Made?

    How is Rattan Furniture Made?

    The Origin Rattan has always been a popular material. Buried with pharaohs in ancient Egypt, used for basket weaving, and later commandeered by the Romans to create rattan furniture, rattan has always been a wonderfully durable, natural, and sustainable choice for furniture. But with such intricate designs, a truly unique composition of material, and with […]

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  2. How to Choose the Perfect Rattan Bed Frame for Your Bedroom

    How to Choose the Perfect Rattan Bed Frame for Your Bedroom

    When selecting your brand-new rattan bed frame, there are many factors to consider. Which size will work best for your space? Would you prefer to opt for the natural and tonal aesthetic of browns and yellows or, alternatively, choose beautifully painted rattan in the form of a white rattan bed frame? And what style are […]

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  3. Rattan Bed Frames: From King to Single Sizes

    Rattan Bed Frames: From King to Single Sizes

    Looking to upgrade your bed frame but unsure what the different sizes mean? Are you getting frustrated, tired, and bored of trying to differentiate between UK, European and American bed sizes, and stuck on what size bed your bedroom will allow? Look no further: in this article we will talk you through the key differences […]

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  4. The Benefits of Super King Size Rattan Beds

    The Benefits of Super King Size Rattan Beds

    Benefits of rattan beds The benefits of owning a rattan bed are endless. Since it’s a fast-growing natural vine plant which grows in several tropical countries, it’s eco-friendly and deeply steeped in tradition, with artisans and generations of craftspeople infusing their passion and knowledge into every weave. Rattan has been used around the world for […]

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  5. The Charm of Wicker and Cane in Bedroom Furniture

    The Charm of Wicker and Cane in Bedroom Furniture

    At French Bedroom, we celebrate the heritage and elegance of rattan furniture, a tradition deeply rooted in craftsmanship and natural beauty. Let us take you on a journey through the meticulous artistry behind the creation of rattan pieces, where every bend and weave tell a story of skilled hands and unparalleled attention to detail. You […]

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  6. Romantic Reveries, Volume 32

    Romantic Reveries, Volume 32

    February, the month of the crêpe and St Valentine, or closer to home at French Bedroom, new products, new challenges and new services. The team have been connected, creative and kind, our office is a safe haven from the grey, soaked scenery. This month we launched the True Grace home fragrances, handmade and hand poured […]

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  7. Your Guide To UK Bed Linen Sizing

    Your Guide To UK Bed Linen Sizing

    It’s a situation we’ve all been in. You’re admiring a beautiful set of bed linen but can’t remember the size of your bed. Or perhaps you’ve been trying to fit a fitted sheet over the mattress which won’t quite give and you’re wondering if it’s a size too small. No matter the reason you find […]

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  8. Mastering the Art of Styling with Super King Size Bed Linen

    Step into the enchanting world of super king size bed linen, where elegance meets comfort in a symphony of luxurious textures and exquisite details. At French Bedroom, we believe that bedding is not merely functional but an art form, a canvas upon which to express your unique style and create a sanctuary of indulgence and […]

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  9. Your Guide to UK Mattress Sizing

    Your Guide to UK Mattress Sizing

    Finding the correct size mattress is important but can be confusing as there are no international standard sizes. The differences between British, European and American mattress sizes are slight, but crucially important when considering bed frame, mattress, duvet, and bed linen too. To ensure you get the right size mattress for your bed we’ve put […]

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  10. Your Guide to UK Bed Sizes

    Your Guide to UK Bed Sizes

    All our lovely beds at French Bedroom fit a standard UK size mattress, which should make things nice and easy when choosing one of our gorgeous beds! In the UK, the size of your bed will depend on the size of the mattress it holds. The bed frame will vary in size dependent on its […]

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