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  1. Why Having A Pet On Your Bed Can Help You Sleep

    Why Having A Pet On Your Bed Can Help You Sleep

    Pet owning households in the UK are at an all-time high. Over the last few years, many families have opened their doors to a furry companion and are now looking for guidance around topics such as allowing your pet to sleep on your bed. Experts suggest allowing your pet to sleep on your bed can […]

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  2. How To Move A Heavy Wardrobe

    How To Move A Heavy Wardrobe

    You’ve been putting it off. Trying not to look at it. Avoiding going in that room. But now the time has come – you can no longer ignore the armoire in the room. It’s time to move that heavy wardrobe. Whether you’re moving house, re-decorating rooms or simply searching for a more harmonious styling of […]

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  3. Romantic Reveries, Volume 14

    Romantic Reveries, Volume 14

    It’s officially summer! This month, the summer solstice combined with International Yoga Day. It was lovely to see so many outdoor yoga sessions taking place across Sussex. My favourite flowers are in bloom in the garden, and I couldn’t resist making a big bouquet to accompany our evening al fresco suppers. They were resplendent at […]

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  4. How To Create a Timeless Children's Bedroom

    How To Create a Timeless Children's Bedroom

    It’s important for your children to have a bedroom they’re proud of. This is their space to express themselves, a haven of tranquillity to unwind in, a place of comfort to call their own. With over 130,000 uses of the hashtags #childrensbedroom and #childrensbedroomdécor on Instagram, it is clear parents are looking for ways to […]

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  5. What Makes a Vispring Mattress so Special?

    What Makes a Vispring Mattress so Special?

    At French Bedroom, we’re passionate about partnerships with other brands that share our values. With quality and sustainability at the core of both our own and Vispring’s ethos, we’re proud to have sold their mattresses for years. Vispring pioneered the pocket spring mattress in 1901 and have been hand-crafting quality mattresses in their humble Plymouth […]

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  6. How To Store Bedding

    How To Store Bedding

    It’s that time of year again. Despite the decidedly undecided nature of British weather, there comes a time when, emboldened by a few days of sunshine, we decide to swap out our duvets, bedspreads and ultra-snuggly faux fur blankets for lighter alternatives, to better entice the summer sun and warmth into our homes. If you […]

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  7. How To Clean A Velvet Bed

    How To Clean A Velvet Bed

    There’s no denying it – velvet is a luxurious fabric. Who doesn’t love to run their hands over velvet furniture or velvet cushions, feeling that incredible softness? Visually, it adds a touch of elegance and a depth of texture to any space. However, it can be considered a difficult material to look after. We’re here […]

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  8. How To Fix a Squeaky Bed

    How To Fix a Squeaky Bed

    There’s no need to lose sleep over a squeaky bed. We’ll show you how to find the squeak in your bed and be squeak-free in no time with our quick fixes.

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  9. Romantic Reveries, Volume 13

    Romantic Reveries, Volume 13

    It’s a special edition this month, numéro treize! We’ve been sharing with you our dreams and desires, tips and tricks, sneak peeks, and latest releases for one whole year. And what a year it has been, both professionally and personally. What a year it has been for the world. My highlights One of my favourite […]

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  10. Five Tips For a Perfect Night's Sleep Before The Wedding

    Five Tips For a Perfect Night's Sleep Before The Wedding

    We absolutely love wedding season, the stunning dresses, the magnificent location, and of course – the cake, so we are very excited that wedding season is just around corner. We do know though that amongst the excitement there can be a few nerves and stress, and getting to sleep the night before the big day […]

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