It’s officially autumn and to kick off the season we had an evening video shoot with a beautiful model, focussed on the topic of self-care, moments of silence, and moments with family. Jacobi makes a cameo appearance which tugs at my heart strings every time I see it.

The cosy and comforting theme of the shoot ensured the presence of sumptuous bedspreads, faux-fur cushions, natural rugs and other ultra-snuggly soft furnishings, to accompany the protagonist; our Settle Into Silence Upholstered Bed.

We’ve been busy behind the lens, styling lots of mini shoots for the new furnishings selected at various interior shows over the course of the year.

It’s been an jubilant month as the company scooped three awards! We were honoured to receive two awards for our fantastic customer service team, and in addition an overall interiors award for our brand and business.

These awards are so much more than a crystal trophy; they are recognition for the hard work of the French Bedroom team, the systems we've built, the quality of our products, and our dedication to heart-felt customer communication. Not to mention all the problem-solving and creative thinking - all done with a dollop of French Bedroom kindness and fun!

I recently spent a couple of days at our factory in Manchester, fine-tuning the designs of our fabulous new French-style beds - coming soon. I’m so excited for these to arrive, as many of the team have yet to see these new beds in the flesh. I can’t wait to see their reactions!

Of course, behind every French Bedroom product and French-themed design, comes inspiration from the country of love itself. We took the children to France for half term and visited Mont San Michel in all its fairy-tale glory.  As we approached, a rainbow shone down on the mount - it was a true ‘pinch-me’ moment.

We then travelled down the coast to Brittany, and stayed in a charming old-world hotel. We enjoyed beach walks, exploring the rock pools when the tide was out and discovering the under-sea world of mussels, sea urchins, jellyfish, and crabs.

If you know me, you know no trip to France is ever complete until I’ve had a good rummage in an antique book shop and a brocante, and Brittany didn’t disappoint – the boot was loaded with unique props for our forthcoming photoshoots.

This trip also coincided with Layla’s birthday, my grown-up teenager! Let the fun commence…

Now, curl up and enjoy our latest discoveries, and see who we've been having brunch with this month.

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While enjoying a 10-minute café au lait and a browse of a beauty mag ‘toute seule’ in Brittany, Georgia saw that Nuxe had launched a new beauty serum.

She headed back to the hotel, taking a purposefully scenic route via the pharmacy and found just one Super Serum left on the shelf.

The pharmacist told her it was the new go-to and selling out across France – she promises to keep us all posted on the results!


We have recently launched our very own book club! Au Lit had its first official meet last month, to discuss the thrilling tale of The Skeleton Key by Erin Kelly; we were joined by the author herself!

Erin was a delight to chat with, answering questions about everything from her creative writing process and recommended reads to her bedtime routine.


The Mercantile London

This independent clothing boutique in Spitalfields Market, London has a vintage vibe and relaxed feel, showcasing contemporary brands sourced locally, and from far & wide.

There is always something fresh and new in store, curated with the customer in mind.

We like that they are honestly product obsessed, a passion we share!

This crochet knit vest gives cool, 70s vibes. It is made from 100% wool and hand crafted in Nepal, so each piece is one of a kind and uniquely yours.


This month, we sit down with interior designer and stylist with a love of maximalism, Nicola @thesmithinterior.

1. Describe your perfect Sunday

On a Sunday morning I love to make breakfast and coffee then take it back to bed for a leisurely hour or so. It’s a lovely time to chat about the week before and plans for the week ahead with my partner Garin.

2. What’s your preferred sleeping position?

On my front, with the covers pulled up to my ears. If it’s warm I might have one foot out! I don’t move much once I’m asleep which is why I think I like a lot of covers over me.

3. Which brings you the most joy: going to bed in fresh sheets at night, or staying in bed for extra time in the morning?

 Oh that’s a tough one as I love both-I’ll often have a scented bath on fresh sheets night, nothing feels quite as luxurious! I do also adore staying in bed each morning with a coffee. 

4. Do you have any recurring dreams?

I rarely remember any dreams I do have. Garin on the other hand often dreams about flying, I think he was a bird in a former life!!

5. What is your favourite room in the house?

Definitely our bedroom, it’s such a sanctuary of calm. I spent a long time planning the renovation and decoration so a lot of thought went into it. Plus we splurged on an emperor sized bed so it’s a lovely place to spend time. 


As always, we have been busy bringing you our favourite blog topics this month. We spoke about How To Organise Your Bedroom This Winter, answered the question What Is a French Bed? And we showed you 6 Secrets for Successful Bedroom Styling.