We’ve all experienced the effects of a bad night’s sleep. Be it the next day drowsiness, the irritability, or the sense of disorientation, a lack of sleep undoubtedly hinders cognitive function and overall comfort the next day.

While we may experience the odd bout of restless nights, some of us suffer on a regular basis. In this guide, we will uncover how mattresses affect your sleep, why 'more is more' when buying a luxury mattress, and reveal the steps it takes to find the perfect mattress to suit you.

One in three of us will suffer from poor sleep at some point in our lives, and the physiological effects of sleep deprivation are well documented. Physical and mental wellbeing is seriously affected, whilst the everyday social effects are plain to see.

Boosting both quantity and quality of sleep has huge health benefits; from mental wellbeing through to increased immunity. Enough quality sleep can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes and can even increase fertility.

The big question is, how do we go about getting those golden eight hours, and how can we find the perfect French mattress?

A Sleep Schedule Tailored to You

Let's start with how to make sure we're getting the sleep we need. Experts suggest improving sleep regularity in order to train the brain and internal body clock, essentially teaching our bodies to know when sleep is expected.

Working backwards from the time you wake up, schedule yourself six to nine hours to ensure you allow time to give your body and mind the rest it needs.

A wind down schedule is also key. Cut back on your screen time, instead opting for books, baths, relaxation exercises and music can go a long way in winding your mind down from the day.

Ensuring your bedroom is set up for a sound night’s sleep is really important. You may want to consider the following:

- Black out blinds or curtains, as well as ear plugs, or even double glazing, to reduce disturbances
- Avoid TV and electronic devices in the bedroom, particularly around your sleep schedule
- Keep spaces clean and tidy, and ideally at a temperature between 18C and 24C
- Create a comfortable bed – choose a luxury mattress, bed linen and French bed that you genuinely find comfortable, to ensure you’re giving your body the best possible chance of a restful night’s sleep

Choosing the Right Luxury Mattress: Why More Is More

The seemingly endless variety of mattresses available both online and in stores can be overwhelming. Plus, you have to consider size, firmness and support and the prices can vary immensely. So, how do you choose the perfect mattress for you?

From our experience, when it comes to mattresses, you usually get what you pay for. If they seem ‘cheap’, you will most likely pay the price when it comes to your sleep. Manufacturing good quality mattresses requires various processes as well as a broad range of key materials. Low-cost mattresses have usually sacrificed important aspects of material or manufacturing procedures to reduce costs.

Cutting corners to produce super king mattresses cheaply is likely to result in an uncomfortable experience for those laying on it each night, as well as poor long-term performance.

When we buy an expensive item of clothing or pair of shoes, we can justify the price by ‘cost per wear’. The majority of our mattresses have a 30-year warranty, which means the cost per sleep can be as little as 7p a night if spread over 30 years.

The Importance of a Luxury Mattress

To buy a cheap, poorly made mattress is almost a guaranteed investment in your own discomfort. Whilst that may sound dramatic, if a good night’s sleep is high priority, then investing in an expensive mattress that is intricately designed and manufactured to deliver comfort, support and durability is imperative.

There are several manufacturers renowned for producing luxury mattresses which tick all the boxes, with sizes ranging from single size to a super king mattress and even an emperor mattress. The most acclaimed here in the UK is Vispring.

Hand-stitching on a Luxury Vispring Mattress

In terms of manufacturing processes, theirs is elite. Every aspect of the mattress construction has been fine tuned to offer a truly luxurious night’s sleep, from ventilation to the way the mattress holds your body. These mattresses are crafted from the finest quality, award-winning wool and cotton, the perfect cloud-like backdrop to your bed sheets. Vispring mattresses utilise an incredible amount of springs which guarantee optimum comfort and durability.

The story of their incorporation is an incredibly sweet one, too. In 1901, English engineer James Marshall wanted to offer his wife the most precious gift – a perfect night’s sleep. Marshall created a mattress that incorporated both respected tradition and future development. He handcrafted it using only natural materials, containing individually pocketed springs for maximum comfort. His token of love ensures today, and has changed the way we sleep forever.

You’ll usually find their luxury mattresses are handmade, which is extraordinary when you consider the complexity of their design. Vispring, for example, ensure their mattresses are hand stitched by master craftsmen, utilising double ended needles and flax twine.

The sides of the mattress are ventilated with delicate roundels of gauze to ensure sleepers enjoy maximum ventilation - each detail breathes luxury. Vispring have refined their manufacturing process to the point they can provide a 30-year guarantee with each mattress – the best mattress guarantee in the UK.

Luxury Mattress Toppers

If you’re happy with your existing mattress support but want to ‘top up’ your comfort levels to be that bit cosier, a mattress topper can be an effective and more affordable solution. They are a simple way to incorporate some much-needed luxury into your bedroom.

As with mattresses, toppers can also vary substantially in quality, and whilst testing each individually is sadly not an option, there are some simple things to look for to ensure you’re improving your sleeping experience with the best possible product:

- Material : your mattress topper should be both breathable and cosy. Wool is a popular choice for premium beds due to its soft and supportive characteristics

- Cushioning : mattress toppers vary greatly in depth, so make sure you find one that gives you your preferred level of cushioning

- Size : as simple as it may seem, selecting a topper that’s designed for your bed size is crucial. Cheaper toppers may be designed for a certain size, but not provide full coverage, pay extra attention to product descriptions.

Sleep is important, and your physical comfort plays a crucial role. Give yourself the comfort and luxury you deserve by picking a luxury mattress and or topper that suits you.

Choose a reputable manufacturer, and research the materials used in production. Doing your research and not rushing your decision increases the chances of investing in the right fit for a peaceful, restful sleep night after night.

Don’t forget to check out our luxury mattresses and mattress toppers to transform your bed experience.