We all know the benefits of a good night’s sleep go far beyond waking up refreshed. Studies have shown that a well-rested mind has a better memory, and a well-rested body has a stronger immune system and improved cardiovascular function!

It’s no wonder we’re all looking for the best French bed, a luxury mattress, and of course high thread count linen. When we go to bed, we all want to be sleeping in soft sheets, and to feel a comfortable temperature. So we choose a high thread count for our luxury bed linen because that means better quality, right?  The answer is more nuanced than you think.

Read on to find out what really is the best thread count for bed linen, how to choose the right fabric for you, and whether a high thread count always means better quality.

What does thread count mean in French bed linen?

When searching for bed linen, we see a lot of terms thrown around, such as ‘hotel quality’, ‘ultra-luxury’, and of course ever higher and grander claims of thread count. But what does thread count actually mean?

Thread Count is defined as the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. This number is based on counting the number of threads woven horizontally (‘weft’) and vertically (‘warp’) into the fabric.  It creates a soft and luxurious texture against your skin, whereas looser weaves with fewer threads can cause sheets to feel rough.

So far, so soft. But how many threads constitutes a good quality French bed linen?

What is a good thread count for luxury bed linen?

It is generally accepted that a good thread count for softness and comfort is between 200 and 400.  However, this is not the only consideration for luxury bed linen. Carry on reading on to find out the best quality fibres and how to choose the right one for you.

What is the best material for good quality bed linen?

An important factor to consider when choosing quality bed linen is the material. A Natural fibre such as cotton is naturally breathable and will help regulate body temperature as you sleep. Polyester and other synthetic fibres do not have the same breathable qualities, but they are less expensive and have the selling point of being more wrinkle-resistant (hands up if you love crisp French bed linen, but hate ironing it!)

While cotton is our go-to for high quality bed linen, bamboo bed sheets and bamboo pillowcases have numerous benefits too, especially in its thermal control qualities – especially useful for anyone experiencing hormonal hot flushes or night sweats.

It is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial as it contains a unique antimicrobial agent called bamboo-kun, which kills bacteria and other microbes, leaving your skin clean and calm.

Did we mention bamboo is also more environmentally friendly? It doesn’t rely on pesticides, fertilizer or water to grow, so it has a low environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint than cotton.

What is the best thread count for quality bed linen?

So, as we hinted at the beginning of this article, this is a far-from-simple question. The answer is, there is no one right answer. When taking into account single-ply bed linen (i.e. one layer, not multiple layers) a thread count between 300 and 500 indicates great quality.

A crisp white bed linen in a sumptuously soft 500 thread count, made in 100% cotton introduces classic French styles and sophistication into your bedroom, and puts your French bed at centre-stage.

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury, a high thread count linen of 1000 like our Absolute 1000 Collection White Cotton Bed Linen is a wonderfully indulgent choice.

Is a high thread count better?

The answer is yes and no, depending on your preferences. A disadvantage to a high thread count bed linen is the volume - it can take up your whole washing machine, especially if you have an emperor bed!  It is also heavier than bed linen with lesser thread counts due to a closer weave, so it can be quite the work out to remove it from the washing machine!

Also due to the higher number of threads, this type of bed linen will take longer to dry. If you don’t have space of time to wait for your linen to dry naturally, be prepared for the extra cost of using a tumble dryer.

The advantages of a high thread count however, are just as varied. It is incredibly strong and therefore durable, as it is woven with strong, long-stable pure cotton yarns. This makes it much less likely to fray or tear, compared to lighter count linens. The quality of the fibres used make it superbly soft, smooth, and silky against the skin, evoking deep sleep, so you awake refreshed and ready for the day. 

Last but by no means least, the extra weight of a high thread count means not only does it lie perfectly on your beautiful French bed, it also creases much less after a wash!

We still love a high thread count bed linen, for the luxurious feel, quality of sleep and saving on ironing, especially in these cooler months.  What will you decide?

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