Benefits of rattan beds

The benefits of owning a rattan bed are endless.

Since it’s a fast-growing natural vine plant which grows in several tropical countries, it’s eco-friendly and deeply steeped in tradition, with artisans and generations of craftspeople infusing their passion and knowledge into every weave.

Rattan has been used around the world for centuries and has stood the test of time. Handwoven baskets have been found in the sacred and ancient tombs of pharaohs in Egypt; the Romans painted their rattan weaved furniture and baskets, and there are records reporting that wicker baskets and other items were brought onto the Mayflower during the exploration to America due to their lightweight and hard-wearing qualities. There are even records reporting the use of rattan to forge sturdy and strong spears and arrows in the hunter-gatherer age. If it was good enough for the revered pharaohs of Egypt, it’s good enough for us!

Not only is rattan a sustainable and enduring choice, but it also never looks old or worn, making it a worthwhile investment that will last you years. The durability of rattan means that your rattan bed frame will see you through your renovations, your house moves, and will continue looking as wonderfully gorgeous as the first day you installed it. It’s a lightweight material, meaning you can easily move it across the room when you feel the inspiration to refresh the Fung Shui in your bedroom (even if you decide to treat yourself and opt for a super king size!).

So, with all this in mind, let’s dive into the benefits of buying a super king-sized rattan bed frame.

Benefits of super king size beds

Of course, we couldn’t talk about the benefits of a super king-sized rattan bed frame without first highlighting the importance of prioritising your comfort and your quality of sleep. The natural first step towards prioritising your sleep quality is increasing the space in your bed. Are you someone who shares a bed with a partner, a pet (or two, or three?) or young children? Are you someone who struggles with their sleep hygiene and health? We suggest investing in a super king size bed frame to maximise the space in your bed and your comfort level.

The jump from a king size to a super king size may initially appear daunting. Many of us may ask how we will possibly fit a larger bed frame in our bedroom sanctuaries! Let us dispel some of the mystery and concern around upgrading your bed size.

While the jump from a double size to a king size includes an increase of both length and width, the increase to a super king size from a king involves just 30cm of extra space width wise, while the length remains the same at 200cm. The size of our rattan beds will vary between different styles, but the mattress size will stay the same. Refer to our mattress guide for further information on mattress measurements, and view the ‘Colour & Size’ tab on your favoured rattan bed pages for the dimensions of each bed frame.

Lastly, we couldn’t talk about the benefits of having a super king-sized rattan bed without mentioning the infinite styling opportunities! More space means more fun to be had with styling it. We’re talking more pillows, more boudoir cushions, and playing around with more texture and layers! Rattan provides a versatile base from which to project the bed of your dreams; don’t be afraid to have fun as you adventure into the realm of sumptuous silks, ravishing ruffles, and bold block prints. Watch how the textures interact with each other and enjoy personalising your rattan bed in a larger, super king size.

Gingham Check Cushion with a Ruffle Trim
A Cotton Block Printed Throw with a Blue Pattern on a Natural Background

Benefits of super king-sized rattan beds

So, we know there are benefits to upgrading to a super king size bed, but what are the benefits to upgrading to a super king rattan bed?

When redesigning a bedroom space, people most often think to buy the bed frame first, letting the bed lead the design of the rest of the room. It is inarguable, then, that the bed is naturally the centrepiece of the room. A rattan bed is therefore perfect for this exact process: as we have mentioned, the styling opportunities are endless! Whether you’re aiming for a whimsical, bohemian style or an elevated, contemporary feel – rattan is the first choice every time.

Use the additional space to let your imagination run wild with this multifaceted material. Rattan is to beds what convertibles are for cars: adaptable, stylish, and impressive. However, unlike many convertible cars, rattan is also highly affordable and eco-friendly! Sink into a super king size rattan bed frame with pride and style, knowing you have made an investment that you feel good about.

Don’t forget: rattan is incredibly hardy and your brand new super king rattan frame is a piece of furniture that you can take with you from your cosy, bohemian vibe, through your maximalist phase, and into your “minimaluxe” era!

With upgrading to a rattan super king size bed, you can rest knowing that you are increasing your comfort levels, your space, and sleep soundly knowing you have made a worthwhile investment.

In summary, rattan is a beacon of hope in a world full of fast furniture, and investing in a super king size rattan frame will save you from rebuying a new frame every few years.

Save the environment and buy a super king-sized rattan bed today!