Looking to upgrade your bed frame but unsure what the different sizes mean? Are you getting frustrated, tired, and bored of trying to differentiate between UK, European and American bed sizes, and stuck on what size bed your bedroom will allow? Look no further: in this article we will talk you through the key differences between a king size rattan bed frame, a double size rattan bed, and a single rattan bed. For any and all questions related to super king size rattan beds, please refer to our blog on The Benefits of Super King Size Rattan Beds. To understand the mattress sizes that we offer so that you can choose your perfect accompanying mattress and receive 10% off your mattress price*, please consult our comprehensive mattress guide.

Of course, size is one thing to consider, but the other is style. How will your new bed sit in your room, and where? Do you need to move other pieces of furniture around to make room for the size you desire, or would it help to mark out the space the bed will fulfil prior to purchasing to ensure the bed you really want will fit?

Rattan Single Bed

The size you will purchase will depend on your own needs and requirements. When buying a bed for young children or for spare guest rooms, a simple single or luxurious double size will be most suitable for its use and purpose. A rattan single bed will also work well for those of us who have a modest bedroom and sleep alone. Selecting a single sized rattan bed will allow you to focus more on smart storage ideas, and will help you to create the tranquil bedroom you have always wanted.

Diagram for single bed dimensions. 
Width, 90cm and length 190cm.

Rattan Double Bed

A rattan double bed is the perfect compromise between a single and king size bed – with mattresses measuring at W135cm x L190cm. A rattan double bed is a cosy option for those of us who sleep with our partners and have a little extra room to play around with. Double sized rattan bed frames are also perfect for budding teenagers who are quickly growing and entering their own social lives, organising spontaneous sleepovers and sleeping in until noon!

Diagram for double bed dimensions. 
Width, 135cm and length 190cm.

For your growing teenager, we can suggest the gorgeous Chateauneuf Rustic Rattan French Bed. An incredibly durable bed to last your young teenager through their formative years – this is a bed that will remain with them through thick and thin and will last them years! The headboard is made from double layered rattan for additional robustness, helping to protect against any accidents, spillages, and clumsiness that may occur during their wild, sweet-fuelled sleepovers. This bed is also surprisingly cosy and relaxing; the double layered rattan provides a ‘springy’ level of comfort to be able to sit up in in bed with sumptuous pillows and Peachskin Quilted Cushions against the headboard to recline and watch a film, play video games, or read a book before bedtime.

Without a doubt, the Chateauneuf Rustic Rattan French Bed is the ideal bedframe for your teenager – it’s strong enough to last, comfortable, and a lightweight material – meaning you can easily move the bed around according to their style changes and phases!

Likewise, the double size is just as suitable, refined, and sophisticated in style to be used by those of us who need a smaller bed to be able to covet our limited floor space! Shop the entire Chateauneuf collection to complete the look.

Rattan King Bed

For those of us who require further leg room as well as width, the king size rattan beds are your number one choice! King sizes have an additional 10cm of length and an extra 15cm of width, meaning you can stretch to your hearts content and enjoy a deep and restful slumber. An extra 15cm of space may not sound like a lot – but believe us when we say you will relish every extra centimetre of space when sleeping with an extra person or pet! But don’t just take our word for it – dive into the world of luxury and experience the best night’s sleep you’ve had yet.

Diagram for king size bed dimensions. 
Width, 150cm and length 200cm.

For a king size rattan bed, we recommend trying our Normandy Rattan Painted Luxury French Bed –also available with a low footboard, perfect for those trying to accentuate the space in their bedroom, whilst taking full advantage of the largest bed size their floor space has to offer. The low footboard and double layered rattan headboard will immediately open up your space, making your bedroom appear larger and increasing visibility of your beautiful bedroom set up when you are laying in bed, preparing for a tranquil night’s sleep.

All of our bed frames and mattresses adhere to the standard UK sizes so that you can purchase your new bed frame in peace, knowing that your current mattress will sit perfectly within it. And if your current mattress doesn’t adhere to these sizes, or you would just like to replace your mattress, we also offer 10% off of your mattress price when you purchase with a bed frame!

So, we recommend measuring your space to ensure your new rattan bed frame will fit; considering whether your bedroom style and size will accommodate a bed with a footboard or whether it needs a low footboard to ‘open’ the bedroom up, and finally, have fun with the diverse and captivating ways you can style rattan to your liking!