When selecting your brand-new rattan bed frame, there are many factors to consider. Which size will work best for your space? Would you prefer to opt for the natural and tonal aesthetic of browns and yellows or, alternatively, choose beautifully painted rattan in the form of a white rattan bed frame? And what style are you trying to achieve in your bedroom? We love to help our customers find their perfect bed frame – and even more so when it is a rattan bed frame – so let’s dive into your frequently asked questions and manifest the rattan bed frame of your dreams in the process.

For when you are ready to carefully select the way you would like to dress your bed and style the rest of the room to create the general style and vibe you’re aiming for, don’t forget we have a plethora of rattan buying guide blogs for you to take friendly suggestions from and a vast array of bed linens, bedspreads, lighting, and other soft furnishing accessories to help complete your look. Whether you’re aiming for the classic cottage chic vibe, a sophisticated and contemporary style, or help to turn your bedroom into an extension of your own personal aesthetic, we’ve got you covered!

Size matters

Whether you are breaking up with your beloved bed for a newer model and design or have recently moved and are designing your new bedroom space, when you purchase your brand-new rattan bed frame, you’ll want to begin with deciding on the size that your bedroom will allow.

Not all rooms allow for an emperor sized bed frame, but it is generally known that, when it comes to beds, bigger is better! A larger-sized bed will generally provide you with additional and much-coveted space to sleep easier, longer, and achieve a better-quality sleep (especially when sleeping with a partner and/or pets!). A super king rattan bed will provide the space for glorious Sunday mornings spent in bed with your partner, as well as ensuring enough space for the children to jump in, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed first thing in the morning! An additional foot of space makes all the difference when talking about comfort.

All of our bed frames are built to the standard UK size, you can refer to the mattress size guide as well as the bed frame size guide to retrieve the dimensions that you require. All measurements included on our website refers to the tallest, longest, or widest part of the bedframes so that you can measure the space prior to purchasing to guarantee your heavenly and highly anticipated new rattan bed frame will be the perfect fit for your room!

Colour me rattan

We have always adored the sustainable and versatile nature of rattan beds, which is why we have different rattan collections for you to be able to choose your new bed frame from.

If it’s a cottage-chic, rustic and romantic feeling you are wanting to emanate in your bedroom, our first choice will always be the timeless Chateauneuf Rustic Rattan Bed. With its weathered frame which appears to hold generations of stories and tradition, to the dark yet mysterious colour which we love styling with additional layers to add depth and texture, it’s no wonder this is one of French Bedroom’s best-selling rattan bed frames.

If you desire an elevated, painted rattan bed frame, look no further than the contemporary but classic Normandy Rattan Painted Luxury French Bed, also available with a stylish low footboard. Famously featured in the critically acclaimed Ted Lasso series, as well as BBC’s series, Fleabag, this is a beautiful modern take on the ancient art of hand-weaved rattan furniture. We love styling this elegant rattan bed frame with crisp, white sheets and a luxurious throw – keeping the attention on the intricately weaved rattan which has been kept in its original colour to juxtapose between the painted frame and the natural qualities of the wicker.

Close up of French Style Rattan Bed in Pale Stone with Hand-Painted Finish

For a dramatic look, opt for either a white rattan bed frame or a black rattan bed frame. By choosing a dramatic, monochromatic colour, you free up space to have fun with adding texture through different materials for bed linen, as well as choosing playful designs on your bedspread.

Comfort above all When it comes to rattan, the question on everyone’s lips are: but is it comfortable? Can I sit up in bed and watch old movies on a sleepy Sunday with my morning coffee? Thanks to the outstanding double layered rattan on the headboard, yes you can! The double layered rattan provides a yielding resting place which will provide the ultimate comfort for your well-deserved downtime. Thanks to the wonderfully robust nature of rattan, the headboard will support your spine whilst you relax in peace and in style. Layer up with some Olivia Ruffle Large Cushions in Black Check and add depth with the Oli Ruffle White Linen Cushions for added comfort. Let your inner designer lead the way.

For our ultimate comfort-seekers, upgrade your pillows to irresistible, sumptuous Vispring pillows. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the feeling of floating on a cloud as you gently drift to sleep in your sophisticated and well-dressed bedroom.

We suggest choosing the largest sized bed frame that your room can take; we spend one third of our lives in bed and optimizing your beds comfort levels should absolutely be a priority! The king-sized rattan bed frame provides an extra 10cm of length, so for all our tall customers with double beds, upgrading to a king-sized bed frame will certainly improve your comfort and quality of sleep. Prioritise your comfort, start seeing rest as a revolutionary act, and choose a rattan bed frame which brings you joy above all else.

Finally, by choosing the right rattan bed frame, the rest of your bedroom styling ideas will follow quickly and easily – et voila! Before you know it, you have your very own French-styled rattan bedroom suite and sanctuary. And if you stumble on a hurdle in your rattan bed buying mission, our lovely Customer Experience Team are only ever a few taps on the keyboard, or a phone ring away to assist you.