Have you ever looked at a beautifully styled magazine picture, with a stunning console table, perfect vase of flowers, finished with a striking wall mirror - and thought, how do I get that look? Well, wonder no more; whether you're hoping to give your hallway a welcoming but stylish makeover, or your lounge a focal point other than the TV, our perfect pairs will get you set.

Accessories for your Console

Have you got a nook in your home where you've thought something's missing? Chances are it's a console table that would fit the bill perfectly. The unassuming console table can be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your home - providing extra surface space for a much needed table lamp, storage if it has drawers or a shelf or acting as the home's styling stage; display your beautiful trinkets, a vase of beautiful blooms, a collection of family photographs, a classic ornament or bust. The console table really is a blank canvas to style in your own way, whether that's shabby chic, ultra-modern or country rustic. Here's some of our favourite console table accessories for inspiration.

Location, Location, Location

Of course, where you position your console table will largely dictate its purpose, but rest assured, you'll never be short of somewhere to pop your coveted console.

Hallway - Making a positive, lasting impression on visitors to your home is the perfect way to say "welcome"; your hallway will set the tone for the rest of your home, so make it a goodie. If not for your guests then for yourself - after a long day at work, nothing beats walking through the front door to a great, stylish "hello"! The console is also the best resting place for your keys when you come home (at least that way we can always find them) and with a wall mirror above, the best place to check your lippy before you head out.

Dining Room - This is where a console table will come into its own on a functional level - perfect as a mini-bar displaying cocktail shakers, limited edition spirit bottles and fine cut glasses (need some inspo, see THIS one from Swoonworthy blog); as a sideboard for serving your culinary delights or for turning the crockery, cutlery and condiments into a stylish display all of their own.

Lounge - In your lounge you can go to town, as this is probably where the console is predominantly for display purposes. Use the console and mirror pairing to bring light into the room with either one or a symmetrically placed pair of table lamps on the table - reflecting the light in the wall mirror above. This is the perfect spot to show off a lovely bouquet of flowers - without them getting in the way of the TV/eye line when chatting or knocked over by the dog's tail or little hands. We love burning a scented candle from our lounge console table and letting it permeate throughout the house from this hidden spot.

Bedroom - Don't have room for a dressing table? A console table is the perfect solution for a small space in need of somewhere to perch for hair and makeup. Either lean a large wall mirror against the wall for a relaxed look or for a classical style hang a mirror centrally above the console table. Et Voila!

If you're still stuck as to how to style a covetable-worthy console, give the girls in the office a call on 01444 415430 or drop us an email for some tips on which mirrors are perfect pairs for which consoles.