Moroccan bedroom inspiration

As autumn approaches the nights are drawing in and there’s nothing cosier than snuggling up in a home surrounded with luxurious furnishings. We’ve been inspired by the sumptuous styles of Moroccan designs, complete with deep, rich colours and autumnal hues that really bring out the ambience of a room.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a stunning lookbook for your autumn interiors and help you add a deluxe Moroccan twist to your home. Here are our top tips on how to create an exotic and elegant feel in every room.

Moroccan bedroom style inspiration

Deep, strong colour schemes

Moroccan interior style is characterised by rich, deep colours – think sapphire blue, emerald green and wine red. These lavish tones draw inspiration from the country’s beautiful landscape; blues and greens from the sparkling Atlantic and Mediterranean, shimmering silvers and golds representing the sands of the Sahara, and rich orange and red hues that invoke visions of breath-taking African sunsets.

Sensual fragrances

The perfect scent can easily transport you from your home to the splendid sands of Morocco. Choose candles and diffusers with strong, exotic scents of orange blossom, cinnamon, sandalwood, amber and cedar for a decadent aroma to give your Moroccan-style home that authentic finishing touch.

Magnificent Moroccan-style furniture

In Moroccan design, interiors are typically heavily detailed when it comes to patterns, but simplistic in terms of furniture. Think inviting sofas and ornate tables that sit low to the ground in deep dark woods, embellished with rich materials like wrought iron and mother of pearl or bone inlay. Woods used in Moroccan furniture tend to be ornately carved rich hardwoods such as mahogany or teak.

The Gothic/Moroccan-inspired quatrefoil design is hitting the mood boards of stylists and designers right now.  The quatrefoil is a glamorous design motif that looks most striking and really encapsulates the Moroccan look.

The word quatrefoil means 'four leaves' and derives from a combination of two Latin words: 'quattuor', meaning four and 'folium' meaning leaf.

Comforting canopies

For a dreamlike Moroccan aesthetic, drape richly-hued silks over your seating, sleeping or dining areas. This will give your home a touch of mystique reminiscent of Moroccan bazaars.

Luxe fabrics

Moroccan décor is renowned for its distinctively textured and richly patterned fabrics. Adorn your furnishing with plump cushions, throw and pillows in berry red, burnt orange and ochre yellow, and drape elegant fabrics across your seating, and also from your window frames tied back by heavy cords in deep, intoxicating hues.  Morocco is famous for its kilims (, so layer these on the floor or over seating.

Exotic plants

Another way to add a touch of Morocco to your abode is to place exotic plants – such as bird of paradise, palms and ferns - around the room in bright, terracotta colourful pots. Think of it as a tranquil North African oasis in the heart of your home.

Intimate lighting

Your Moroccan-style home should be accented by soft, dim lighting created by extravagant lamps and decadently scented candles. Placing a candle in a traditional lamp will bring a romantic element to any room.  Pendant lights hung low, or pierced metal lamps bring the glow down and leave a dark ceiling, which increases the relaxed mood of the room.

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