Steeped in history, dripping in romance and enduringly stylish, a classic French bed is the epitome of bedroom beauty. From a quintessentially French-style, white painted, 'Louis' bed to a rustic, farmhouse-style rattan French bed, we believe there is a French-style bed to suit every home.

With the world of fashion changing every six weeks and interior trends declaring a new 'colour of the year' at least every 9 months (Pantone, Dulux etc), it's no wonder there can be a level of uncertainty when it comes to investing hard-earned money into an item you hope will (and should) last for years to come. While we're able to change many aspects of our rooms – the paint colour, adding deep rugs and cool artwork, updating bedroom cushions and luxury throws or playing with lighting – the furniture we choose carries the burden of needing to be swoon-worthy now, tomorrow and in five years' time. This is why it's imperative to seek out the classics; the designs which have stood the test of time and continue to be desirable and 'de rigeur'. Cue the classic French bed.

With centuries of design history, even surviving a revolution, a quality French bed is timeless, proving itself a worthwhile investment. French bedroom furniture is the established chameleon of the interiors' world. Sitting comfortably and in congruence with a plethora of home styles: clean and modern, classic and neutral, dramatic and maximalist, shabby chic – the list is endless. Think of a bedroom style and a French bed would be a seamless, yet impeccably stylish, addition to enhance the beauty of the space.

Kelly, Interiors Influencer at Country Seaside Living
"Certain furniture pieces are particularly timeless and a style-statement, but can often be overlooked due to preconceived ideas of how they should be styled.

The French bed is a great example of this. Such an elegant, luxuriously exquisite piece of furniture and in my opinion always ‘En Vogue’. However, I believe there is still a sense of it being Gaudy Traditional Boudoir meets Shabby Chic.

There are a variety of designs within the French bed range and these can be interpreted with a number of modern-day popular design styles. The key to this piece of furniture is to make it work with your own personal style. Try not to get to too influenced by the many key trends and design themes out there. I like the idea of the French bed being a statement in a bedroom, contributing to an atmospheric aura, without having to follow the rules of such a traditional style influence."

The Timeless Elegance of a French Bed

Georgia, French Interiors Influencer at Madame Mathieu
"A French Bed suits everyone, because who doesn't like to feel like a princess in a Château when they sleep at night? Aesthetically though, the beauty of a French bed is the simple palette, the classic design, yet the statement is huge. A French-style bed is a timeless piece of furniture that will never lose its wow factor."

A blend of the best elements of French antique style furniture history – a combination of Baroque luxury, Rococo elegance and master-craftsmanship – create an unrivalled, timeless beauty. The subtly different design styles of the French palaces, which osmosed to the sleepy pockets of the French countryside over the centuries, holds this genre of bedroom furniture firmly together.

Gentle curves, subtle detailing, quality materials and classic colours ensure a beautiful French bed will never look out of place, be it in a grand Parisian apartment, a Victorian semi or linear modern home.

Classic French furniture has endured centuries of interior trends and still rises to the top (of our wish list!).

The Ultimate Luxury of a French Bedroom

Mesmerising flowing lines, leading from ornate hand-carvings to cabriole shaped legs, invoke a sense of luxury. Add these elements to the luxurious materials used in creating a French bed – mahogany frame-work, silk, velvet and heavyweight linen buttoned upholstery and decadent gold and silver leaf finishes – to capture a romantic and graceful aesthetic, making a perfect centrepiece for a boudoir in any home.

Classic Bedroom Style

To create a classic-style bedroom, keep the base colours neutral with hints to a muted accent colour. Clean lines with luxury textures help to soften the neutral look.

A Modern & Contemporary Home

A French bed is the perfect way to soften a contemporary or Scandi-style bedroom - perfect to create a welcoming sanctuary in a cool, modern abode.

Maximalist & Dramatic Style

Layers upon layers of stylised goodies and treasured trinkets lend themselves to an antique-style French bed. Whether it's pattern clashes or dark walls which create this stylish aesthetic, a beautiful French bed will serve to lift the scheme while complementing the eclectic look with its heritage style.

Romantic French-Style Boudoir

A French bed is the epitome of romance and needs no justification to its presence in a beautiful boudoir.

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