There is something very exciting about looking for a new home, from the location to the floor plan, and of course all the different styling options. The thought of selling up and moving on from your current haven may be a little less desirable, but with house prices predicted to rise by around 5% in 2022, it might be the perfect time to get out your paintbrush and think about a restyle, in order to sell your home at the best possible price.

It can be difficult to know how to restyle your house for sale – which trends are popular, what colour scheme and accessories will match, which types of furnishing to go for. Fashions and styles are changing constantly. Together with property expert Bruna Pani of We Buy Any House, we have shortlisted the interior styles we believe will be most popular for 2022, that are set to see your house price increase.


We absolutely love Regencycore, and it is great to see it making a big comeback though shows like Bridgerton and The Crown. Flowing drapery, elegant chandeliers and beautiful floral patterns look absolute stunning within the home, and research has found that it can increase the value of your home by 86%. This style is about eccentric design, rich colour, and texture as well as intricate and elaborate detailing. It is no surprise that Regencycore is hugely popular when it comes to re-decorating. Regencycore has seen a sharp search increase over the past year, and this is only expected to continue rising.

A bedroom is a great place to start experimenting with this style in the home, with French style beds, dressing tables and armoires. Our luxurious Lit D'Amour Bed exudes Royal elegance. This hand-made and hand carved upholstered French style bed is fit for any Regency home with its sweeping curves and fine detail. Pair it with our gorgeous Amour French Dressing Table to complete the look. Hand carved from mahogany and hand painted in a fawn grey, the kidney shaped table top beautifully compliments our Amour Bed.


There is something ultra-cool and sophisticated about Scandinavian style homes. While the heart of Regencycore is in the details, Scandinavian style is all about stripping back – think simple yet stunning. Scandi style interiors are perfect for manipulating space in a room and creating a serene and peaceful sanctuary to relax in. And the piece de resistance? They can increase your house value by up to 113%.

Focus on earthy neutrals and muted tones when choosing your Scandi colour scheme. Layer your seating areas with taupe and beige throws and cushions and pair with wooden coffee tables to complete the laid-back look. Choose crisp, white minimalist bedding to bring the Scandinavian feel to your bedroom. Our Boutique 400 Egyptian Cotton Luxury White Bed Linen Set perfectly fits the theme. 

Mid-century Modern

A subtle combination of the two previous styles, Mid-century Modern interiors combine early 20th century modernism with shapes and colours of the 60s and 70s. Defined by clean lines, organic forms and high functionality, the style has timeless appeal. Similar to Scandi in its structure, there is still an opportunity to experiment more with brighter colours and patterns like with Regencycore.

In terms of adding value to the property, Mid-century Modern designs are said to be the design style that can incorporate the most value to your home – a huge 123%.

To master this style, think about how you are going to incorporate a minimalist and clean aesthetic and emphasize dynamic and angular structures through your furniture. In the bedroom, opt for a rattan bed to create a 70’s aesthetic such as our Rafferty Rich Rattan Low Footboard Bed. This striking French Bed combines rattan and wicker with the deeply toned wood for a true statement piece. In the lounge, pick out an oversized L-shaped sofa in a statement colour such as blush pink or forest green. Keep accessorising to a minimum, opting for table books and artwork to tie the look together.