Christmas can be a wonderful time, full of good cheer and generosity to all. It is a season characterised by family, tradition, and goodwill. No matter our age, we preserve and treasure the memories from each year, and reminisce about previous years.

When the holidays are over, it can be jarring to see family and friends leave, to contemplate the return to work and the commencement of our regular routines. We miss the scents of Christmas cake, gingerbread, coffee, red wine and hot chocolate that filled the house; the yells of children jumping on the bed or racing over freshly hoovered floors; the family curled up on the sofa or in a big emperor bed, snuggled under a quilted blanket to watch a Christmas movie.

So, how can we keep the feeling and spirit of Christmas alive, when Christmas is over?

Read on to discover our tips on how to keep the festive feeling going after Christmas, and into the New Year.

Repurpose Fairy Lights And Christmas Garlands

Who says fairy lights and garlands are only for Christmas? Why not repurpose these mood-lifting decorations so they become part of the home décor? Simply remove any festive baubles and tinsel from your Christmas garland, and replace them with fir cones collected on winter walks, fragrant cinnamon sticks and slices of dehydrated orange. Arrange around your best French mirror and voilà! The perfect winter accessory that not only looks good, but also smells delicious.

Remember To Rest

After the hustle and bustle of a house filled with family and friends, whether as a host or a guest, the quiet that follows when the festivities are over can be unsettling. Remember to take a moment to calm and centre yourself, and get used to a quieter house again. This could be something as simple as taking a few minutes of 'me time' alone with a cup of tea and a book on your French bed, embracing the silence and space. No screaming children allowed!

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Did you know that every year, 6 million Christmas trees are thrown away in the UK? However, many Christmas trees can be replanted and used again next year.

For those that can't be replanted (pre-cut Christmas trees for example cannot produce more roots) you can take some cuttings while it is still fresh and start growing your own tree for next year, straight from the cuttings of this year’s tree!

You can even take several cuttings and gift mini Christmas trees to loved ones in time for next year! Alternatively, they make lovely guest room decorations to keep the festive spirit alive and, as an extra bonus, it's a small step towards making Christmas a little more sustainable.

Make Precious Memories

Gone are the days when grainy and garbled camcorder footage was the best we could hope for to mark family gatherings. Now, it's simpler than ever to record videos of great quality on our smart phones. Create and share precious memories of friends and loved ones gathered together.

Now the crackling of the fire, the rustle of scattered chocolate wrappers and gift-wrapping paper, and gasps of delight can be re-lived as often as you like. A video can't reproduce the delicious scents of gingerbread, coffee and hot chocolate but it gets pretty close.

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