The perfect night’s sleep? We know how elusive it can be. That’s why we are partnered with the ultimate mattress maker, Vispring. With a Vispring mattress, your body feels supported, whether you sleep on your back, your side or you like to starfish!

Discover Vispring…

Over 100 years of mattress making

The man behind the modern-day pocket spring mattress was a man in love. In 1899, British engineer James Marshall handmade a mattress for his wife, who had become ill. With coiled springs wrapped in muslin, she had never felt so comfortable!

It was a radical innovation, with the individual springs offering independent cushioning and support, and the natural fibres and side vents allowing air to circulate. An instant hit with the upper echelons of society, Vispring’s mattresses were the only choice for people with the most luxurious taste. They even made it on to the Titanic for the first-class cabins.

Over time, they experimented with different materials, always producing the highest quality mattresses, and giving customers the best nights’ sleep. Today, the brand is known globally for luxurious comfort and sophistication.

With over 100 years under their belts, that traditional luxury mattress-making craftsmanship and expertise has been passed down from generation to generation of local people.

Mattress materials

It seems to us that luxury and sustainability are not words you hear together very often. But for Vispring, they were combining the two decades before it was even trendy.

The finest materials

The wool they use in their mattresses, fluffed up to high heaven, come from local sheep farmers. Vispring have a long-standing Fairtrade policy with the Shetland Wool industry, where they’ve committed to helping traditional practices like sheep shearing alive by purchasing wool in Britain.

Not only is British wool more sustainable than importing it from overseas, but it’s the perfect material for making beds out of. Naturally fire resistant, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating, as well as being soft and comfortable, wool is the only choice for a truly supportive sleep.

The springs

Vispring invented the pocket spring and have honed their technique so every tuft and coil is perfect. They are the only bed manufacturer who make their own springs from the finest Vanadium steel.

They offer 58 distinct spring types and four different tensions to suit your personal sleep preferences. If you share with a partner, you can also split the bed between tensions so neither of you have to compromise on a restful night’s sleep.

The craftsmanship of a Vispring mattress

Every Vispring mattress is made to order, entirely by hand. Each pocket spring is hand-nested by their craftsmen in a honeycomb pattern to offer the maximum support. The natural fibres used for their mattresses are expertly selected and blended, then hand-teased to allow airflow, and laid over the springs.

Then, master craftsmen side-stitch the mattress with up to six rows of genuine hand side-stitching using 100% natural twine. It can take up to eight hours to complete a super king mattress.

Once the edges have been taped, leaving no raw fabric edges, the hand tufting can begin. This holds the fillings in position, and because the Vispring craftsmen can judge lengths and positioning perfectly, there’s no need for uncomfortable metal rods.

How to care for your Vispring mattress, according to the experts

Turning your mattress is the best thing you could do to keep that cloud-like experience you’ve become accustomed to. Because Vispring mattresses are upholstered with natural fillings, over time they will naturally bed down more where the body needs more support. Turning will help to even the settlement out across the sleeping surface.

To keep your mattress in the best possible condition, turn your mattress twice a month for the first 3 months and with the seasons thereafter. Your mattress will form around your body contours and caring for it in this way will give the fillings a chance to redistribute throughout the mattress and help its recovery and longevity.

Why we believe Vispring Mattresses are perfect for our French beds

We are card-carrying Francophiles here at French Bedroom, but when it comes to handmade British mattresses, there’s no denying the quality of Vispring.

Some mattress companies have automated their processes, but Vispring take pride in their heritage of handcraftsmanship, British materials and supporting local farmers. Many people, including us, have become more conscious of where our items are coming from, and a Vispring mattress will only make you feel good about it!

If you’ve created the perfect bedroom aesthetically, and picked out the French bed of your dreams, then you need a luxury Vispring mattress to complete the set. You’ll even get 10% off the mattress when you buy one of our beds!

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