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Bridgerton – the period drama that has the nation swooning – is the latest TV show we can’t get enough of. Set in Regency England (a similar time to Marie Antoinette in France), the show follows the Bridgerton and Featherington families who both have daughters in need of husbands.

Not only are the costumes, the romance, and the beautiful people enough to set your heart aflutter, but the interiors are the perfect flourish. We’re anticipating that many people will want to recreate the fashion and the interiors of this show!

Set Designer Will Hugh Jones has stated that he wanted to “create a clean, fresh, colourful world modern audiences could relate to” whilst also following the contemporary changes in style throughout this period. The interiors-obsessed among us will note that the different family estates have distinguishable design preferences. Jones outlined it was important that viewers were to be in no doubt about where they were, hence the production of two “very contrasting looks between the households”.  

Looking to recreate the dreamy interiors of the Bridgerton and Featherington households? Then step right this way…

The Bridgerton Estate

The Bridgeton’s are powerful, elite, and beautiful. Their interior style, like the way they dress, reflects their refinement. Both Daphne’s bedroom and their sitting room has a colour palette of pale blue, rich cream and champagne gold, giving the rooms a serene feel.

With patterned wallpaper, panelling and impressive chandeliers, they’re clearly affluent, but their more minimalist (as minimalist you can be in Regency England) approach to décor reveals that the Bridgerton family is sophisticated – they don’t need to flash their wealth to be noticed.

To achieve the Bridgerton feel in your bedroom, our gorgeous Arboretum bed linen set uses a similar colour palette of blues and golds, but with a glamorous botanical print to bring it into the 21st century.

Paired with the quintessentially French Lit D’Amour Low Footboard Bed and the Love Story Taupe Velvet Bench, you can replicate Daphne’s room almost exactly. The simple elegance and soft upholstery gives you adornment in an elegant way, one that is achieved perfectly within the Bridgerton home.

Choose the Muted Hues Fawn Grey Rug to allow your furniture to take centre stage, complementing the creams of the room, and adding pattern and detail to the floor without overwhelming it.

For a modern take on a classical painting consider the headless portrait artwork. Although not a piece likely to appear on the Bridgerton set, it encapsulates the past with a present-day twist, much like the series itself does.

The Featherington Mansion

The Featheringtons are a nouveau riche family, who are paired in sharp contrast to the old-money Bridgertons. Their love of extravagance comes out in bright colours and embellishments – there’s no such thing as over-accessorising when it comes to the Featheringtons.

Their grand staircase is opulence personified, with 600 metal butterflies adorning the handrails of the staircase, plaster rosettes and friezes decorating the walls, and a colour palette of (almost but not quite acid) orange, yellow and green. The sitting room continues the same exuberance, with the walls covered in green wallpaper, more elaborate moulding and a decadent carved gilt mirror which sits above the impressive fireplace. No regency sitting room would be complete without a chandelier, and this one pulls no punches, dripping with crystals to refract the light and catch the eye.

Recreate the same decadent feel in your own lounge with our alluring Palais de Versailles Damask Gold Seating range. Made from mahogany, hand carved for the gods, finished in antiquated gilt, and upholstered in green French silk damask, both the sofa and chair will give your sitting room an instant opulence.

Pair with an ornate over mantle mirror like the gorgeous Sweet Dreams Golden Wall Mirror, and an ostentatious chandelier like our Essence Vintage Large Chandelier, and you could be the next in line for a location scout!