We absolutely love wedding season, the stunning dresses, the magnificent location, and of course – the cake, so we are very excited that wedding season is just around corner. We do know though that amongst the excitement there can be a few nerves and stress, and getting to sleep the night before the big day may be a tough task.  It’s really important to take some time for yourself the night before, as it is a great way to wind down and prepare for a long day of celebrating with loved ones. We’ve put together our top five tips to help you relax pre wedding:

1.Turn off devices

We know this is spoken about a lot, but turning off your electronic devices is the first thing you should do when settling in for the night. Phones and iPads pose a lot of distractions, and you should cherish this sacred alone time. The blue light is also known to be damaging to your sleep. We suggest hiding your phone or giving it to your maid of honour! The bright screen will stop you feeling sleepy, and we all know how addictive it can be when scrolling.

2. Draw the perfect bath

There is nothing quite like relaxing in a gorgeous bath tub, and taking a bath is the best way to wind the mind and body down before bedtime. Use just a few drops of your favourite essential oils – we particularly love the Time To Unwind Gift Set, light some candles, and treat yourself to a cup of camomile tea whilst you soak and clear your head.

3. Breathing exercises

Practising and controlling your breathing is key to harnessing nervous energy you may have before a big event. There are a range of methods that you can follow to calm and centre yourself.  Box breathing is a method that is used to help slow your breathing. This exercise can be done anywhere, but is great for helping you get to sleep - breathe in for four seconds, hold your breath for four seconds, breathe out for four seconds, wait four seconds and repeat.

4. Sleep in fresh bedding

Sleep on clean sheets, the soft texture and clean smell will be comforting and give you a sense of feeling organised before the big day. Silk is one of the best materials to sleep on as it has benefits for skin such as maintaining moisture and preventing breakouts. Why not try our gorgeous Mulberry Silk Bed Linen by Gingerlily in White? Cotton sheets on the other hand can often apply unwanted pressure on the skin. There truly is no better feeling than fresh bed linen.

Sleeping in the right bed before your wedding day is important too. Many brides to be look for their forever bed for their home in the run up to the wedding, so that they return to their marital bed, one that is special and built to last a lifetime. If you are staying at home the night before the big day, why not make sure your bed is perfect for you. At French Bedroom we offer a very special bride to be service to help ensure you make the right purchase.  

5. Use sleep props

As you settle in for sleep, make sure that you have any sleep accessories you may want to use at your bedside ready. This could be a lavender scented pillowcase or a cuddle cushion for example.

Finally, there may also be more personal things to address or tie up before getting married. Take the time to get in touch with family and friends who have been on the journey with you and have supported along the way.