There is no feeling that compares to settling into bed after a long day. It goes without saying that our beds are our sanctuaries; a place for us to find peace and serenity, and there is no better way to find this tranquillity than in a sumptuous luxury emperor bed.

What is an Emperor Bed?

An Emperor bed is the largest bed size available in the UK, measuring an incredible 7’0” x7’0”, meaning there is ample room for stretching out and ensuring you are at the peak of comfort and ready for a restful night’s sleep! Emperor size beds are the ultimate in both elegance and well-being, providing you with an incredible amount of space to enjoy hitting your eight hour sleep goal. If you are looking to treat yourself to a timeless emperor sized bed, look no further than our impressive selection of magnificent emperor sized bed frames and luxury emperor mattresses.

What size is an Emperor Bed?

Incredibly, an Emperor sized mattress measures an amazing 7’0” x7’0”, whilst the frames can vary around this size dependent on the design. We always recommend measuring to allow room for the frame within your bedroom, as the intricate designs of our opulent beds can add additional size.

With such a luxuriously sized bed, it’s important to have a dreamy emperor mattress. At French Bedroom, we are proud to sell Vispring mattresses. Vispring mattresses are the epitome of luxury and with the choice of eight levels of comfort, we are sure to have the best one to suit you and yours, making sure you have the perfect night’s sleep in your new bed.

Emperor size bed versus super king.

Whilst a Super King size mattress measures 6’0” x 6’6”, an Emperor size mattress measures 7’0” x 7’0”, meaning there is an additional foot in width and half a foot in length. This then correlates with the bed frame, so although a Super King size bed is still an incredibly sized bed to boast within your boudoir, an emperor allows you even more room to snuggle under the covers. We understand that when it comes to choosing your perfect bed, size matters, which is why we’d always recommend choosing the biggest bed your bedroom allows for both comfort and beauty.

How do I know whether I have the room for an Emperor bed frame?

Before purchasing your prestigious emperor sized bed, we recommend measuring the space you have in your room to ensure you have sufficient space. Use tape measures to plot out the space of the bed frame on your floor in the position you would like to have it, allowing for slight wiggle room. It is crucial you measure for the frame and not just the mattress, as all of our hand-carved, intricately designed beds have to be slightly wider and longer than the mattress itself to ensure it supports the mattress correctly whilst still being a luxurious piece that is made to last a lifetime. We also recommend measuring your door frames to make sure there is room for both the mattress and frame to fit through. All of our striking Emperor sized bed frame measurements can be found on the correlating ‘colour and size’ tab through our website.

What Size Bedding is Best for an Emperor Size Bed?

Due to the grand size of an Emperor bed, we recommend purchasing the correlating sized bed linen to create the perfect, unified set-up. Our Emperor sized bed linen measures 290 x 235cm and we have the perfect pairing of Emperor bed sheets to keep your bed dressed to impress. We have a particular soft-spot for the dreamy Boutique 400 Egyptian Cotton Luxury White Bed Linen Set, which both looks and feels like it was made for royalty. Accompany this with a sumptuous duvet to complete the look - perfect for wrapping yourself in after a long day, getting ready for a restful night of slumber in your Emperor bed.

How do I style my emperor size bed?

Now you finally have your heart set on creating a cosy bedroom sanctuary with an Emperor sized bed, the last question you likely have is how to style it within your boudoir. We have put together a comprehensive styling guide which leaves no question unanswered to make sure you feel confident about making your style mark with your new favourite purchase. Alongside this, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide To Emperor Beds which is also full of expert information on Emperor Sized beds and mattresses.

We understand that choosing your perfect bed, and making sure it’s the right size for you, is no easy task. This is why we are always here to help you get it right. We often compare purchasing your dream bed with purchasing your wedding dress - you want to get it right, first time. This is why we are always here to offer styling advice (free of charge). Our customers rate us 4.8* on Trustpilot and we’ve been helping homemakers bring their bedroom visions to life since 2006.

Our team are here to help you bring your dream bedroom to life. Get in touch via our website to start creating your ideal boudoir.