Why is it only one day a year we choose to celebrate the special people in our lives? As a nation, we often wait for those individual days marked in the calendar to ask for pieces we’ve been yearning after, rather than treating ourselves.

But why wait? You deserve to be celebrated every day. There’s something extra special about treating yourself, so don’t wait to take some time for you. Create a sanctuary at home; allow yourself to take an hour to indulge in quiet time, grab a good book and treat yourself to some guilt-free bed linen to snuggle up in – le bonheur parfait! 

When dreaming up our perfect Mother’s Day, we think of a morning in bed with the entire family (furry friends included!). An Emperor bed frame is perfect for maximising space and allowing the kids to have that extra special bonding time with their parents. After all, family time is one of the most important ways to spend our time.

Alternatively, if your children have flown the nest, an emperor bed is an amazing size for luxuriously stretching out on your own and taking some time for you – imagine a temperate late-March morning, a glass of mimosa, croissants and coffee in bed, fresh flowers on the sill.

Create a cosy sanctuary in your bedroom by dressing your extra-large bed in patterns that make your heart sing, such as ditsy blooms or ruffles and frills. Add some simple extra touches, such as seasonal flowers, soft lighting, candles, and cushions, and create a room for yourself that feels like a hug every time you walk in. 

Bedrooms are the hearts of our homes, and your bed is naturally the most important part of your boudoir. By choosing feel-good bed linen and accessories, you’ll be able to create a calm and peaceful environment that invites you to take some time for yourself. Your bedroom should be your personal sanctuary. By adding accessories such as our award-winning quilted Peachskin bedspread, you can create a luxurious feel in your home that makes a world of difference, without the need to re-design the entire room.

Layering fresh sheets with a soft bedspread and plump cushions is a simple and satisfying way to treat yourself – there is just something so heavenly about sliding into a bed dressed in some crisp, new French bed linen and taking a moment for yourself.

This Mother’s Day we’re encouraging mums, and all those people who spend their time taking care of others, to take some time for themselves. Do the things you love, invest in self-care, and most importantly, treat yourself - you deserve it. To celebrate the wonderful mothers and mother-figures out there, we’re giving away some extremely exciting goodies!

Georgia sharing a moment and her daugher, Layla.

You could win a fabulous care package: two eye masks and two matching wash bags inspired by our popular Birds and Blossom Throw, featuring a dreamy botanical pattern in soft ochre tones, set against a pale blue background. Plus, a limited edition copy of our current favourite read - The Paris Apartment, with exclusive gold foiling detail on the front cover.

The Paris Apartment is a thrilling novel written by the talented Lucy Foley. Set in Paris, France, this captivating murder mystery thriller will leave you guessing until the very end. It is the perfect book to read whilst settled into fresh bed linen, with a scrumptious cup of night-time tea.

When you settle down for the night, a soft and gentle eye mask with a lightly elasticated strap will protect the delicate skin around your eyes as you sleep. The design is so delightful, we’ve also popped it on a wash bag, so you can take a little bit of French romance with you wherever you go.

Head to our socials today for the chance to win this spectacular treat for both you and your favourite female!