Moving into your first home is one of the most exciting things you'll ever do. There is so much to think about - the decoration, the furniture, the accessories, the garden, the bills etc. Of course, there are a few dull aspects to owning a home, such as keeping track of your mortgage, ensuring you have the right security system, choosing the right home insurance policy from a company like Aviva, and devoting time and effort to routine maintenance.

But it's the decoration and furnishing that’s the fun part! For a moment, put the boring bits of home ownership to the back of your mind, and indulge your hedonistic tendencies. With that in mind, here are a few bedroom decorating tips to keep in mind the next time you set about making changes. 

If you want to make a quick and affordable update to your bedroom decor, one easy step to consider is to add some luxurious or artistic cushions to your bed. This is a very simple change to make, and a tasteful array of decorative pillows will draw the eye and match in with your chosen room scheme. Choosing something original and striking is a quick and easy way of making a big impact without a great deal of effort and expense.

Bedroom Cushions

Eye for Design Cushion £75; Queen Bee Cushion £70; Garden Party Cushion £40

If you want to go further in adding some comfort to your bedroom, you could consider hanging some curtains or drapes on your bedroom windows. Many homes come equipped only with thin, slight blinds or curtains, and putting in something more decorative can transform the feel of your nighttime haven. Ideally, try to match the curtains or drapes in colour and texture to other aspects of your room, such as your blankets or pillows, etc. 

Of course, for the biggest impact, your choice of bedroom furniture will really set the scene.  Adding a French Dressing Table, French Bed or French Mirror is the ultimate indulgence - they will really add a really feminine touch and make the space feel more luxurious. 

Top it all off by giving a little thought to lighting.  An eye catching chandelier on a dimmer switch, with some beautiful lamps on your bedside tables can create a relaxing or romantic mood that will perfectly set off your choice of bedroom furniture.

Author: Georgia Metcalfe, Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company