OK, so we're not suggesting that you order in some black-painted furniture or accessories alongside your witch costume and Halloween gingerbread biscuits, just for the sake of being truly Halloween-themed, but we are saying: "embrace the black interior!"

Sylvia Silver Bed

Sylvia Silver Luxury Bed: from £1125 for a single size. Sylvia Silver Bedside Table: £295. Goatskin Black: £210

Accent with a slick black-coloured sensual fragrance diffuser for a French console table in your hallway or French bedside table in your boudoir, or go for full-on black - black walls, black floors, and then some with a statement piece of black French furniture like an elaborately carved black-painted four poster French bed.  Black will add a dramatic look that's striking, sexy, and spot-on this Halloween!


Sassy Boo Majestic Luxury Four Poster Black Bed: from £1325 for a double size. Toscana Room Diffuser: £45

And don't forget the final touch - treat yourself and your boudoir to a classic corset in sultry black from Agent Provocateur.  Spectacularly detailed French lace and thick satin are the textures to look out for, for a sultry, sexy look at  Halloween and beyond.