While some chairs and dressing tables have a stylish and fashionable look, by no means all are comfortable and easy to use. However, with the range of elegant French furniture now available, dressing tables and chairs for bedroom spaces need no longer be a compromise.

French dressing tables have been popular with the upper classes and royalty for centuries because they add style to a bedroom space as well as being innately practical. With elegantly long curved legs, carved details and perfectly painted finishes, a French dressing table has long been seen as something of a style statement.

In practice, these beautifully crafted pieces of furniture can vastly improve the look and feel of your boudoir. With a wide variety of finishes and colour tones, integration with the wider décor is simply a matter of personal preference.

French Dressing Tables

Versailles Gold Dressing Table: £1210.  Antoinette Oak Dressing Table: £895

There are, of course, many styles of French furniture. These range from the charmingly rustic through to the grandiose. With a little care and effort, you can quite easily find just the right look to suit a particular room. While French dressing tables may immediately make you think of aristocratic ladies preparing for their day's engagements, they are becoming more and more popular in the modern, even contemporary bedroom.

Whether getting ready for work in the morning or applying make-up for an evening out, using a formal dressing table can make the occasion far more special and a great deal easier. Dressing Tables not only create a personal touch but they provide a great deal of utility in a room that demands a sensitive approach.

Some may choose to start with the dressing table and then tackle the rest of the décor, revamping the whole room to create an elegant French style centred around a single cherished piece. Others will go a stage further and co-ordinate colours, fabrics and accessories to match. The result can be a room that is notable for its tasteful retro-chic appearance, filled with luxurious textures.

The French Bedroom Company's website showcases a range of options, allowing you to find additional pieces that would suit and complement your choice of French dressing tables. Please also feel free to contact a member of our team for more information on the latest in French bedroom décor.

Author: Georgia Metcalfe, Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company