Whilst many may assume that French bedroom furniture items and especially French beds, are expensive additions to any home, they are actually within the reach of most households.

Since they come in a range of different styles and designs, French style beds can fit well within any existing bedroom décor, providing a range of options for those looking to make either a subtle or a dramatic difference.

Bonaparte Bed

Our magnificent Bonaparte French Bed - please phone to enquire (not available online)

Many designs take their inspiration from French antique furniture. They reflect an era in which there was always a sense of carefully balanced proportions, quality materials and great attention to detail. Many French beds will have intricately carved wooden patterns, some creeping in and around curved legs and others framing delicately styled headboards.

From ornate through to relatively simple designs, the French ethos was to ensure that each detail accentuated the bed's natural curves and lines. Today's French beds embody the same approach, making them timeless and classic pieces of furniture.

Those looking for something a little more unusual may be attracted to beds with painted finishes and French beds with headboards. Headboards can exhibit a wide variety of designs, with or without button detail and in a range of different fabrics and colours.

Versailles Bed

Our Beautiful Versailles Upholstered Bed, from £1670

Some home owners decide to match bold gilt-frame finishes with patterned wallpaper and golden details in cushions and bed linen. Others may choose to pair light, cool block colours with bed frames that shine with plain-paint finishes and subtle linen headboards.

To add extra finesse, it is possible to choose a bed with ornate and intricate carving and styled bar work. Perhaps opt for opulence in abundance with a Rococo style or choose a subtle yet delicately curved bed frame based on styles from the 1930s.

You can select from plain painted or frosted finishes, or shiny, glistening features that reflect natural light and change the whole appearance of a room during the day.

At night, the French bed will create a sense of occasion and glamour. It can be the ideal centrepiece of your own personal space. Perfectly presented in cool and crisp white or cream paint, glinting gold, or dark and brooding black or grey, each bed offers something unique and personal.

Sassy Boo Black Bed

The gothic allure of our Sassy Boo Black Bed, from £970

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Author: Georgia Metcalfe, Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company