You know us, we love beds! It’s where you start and end your day, so it needs to be comfortable, but stylish too.

That’s why we delved into thousands of boards on Pinterest, to reveal which style and type is the most popular. From colours to texture and natural materials, we searched for 30 different types of beds, creating a top 10 list of those with the most Pinterest boards.

  1. Grey beds – 1210 boards

With the rise of influencer homes that are grey and glamourous, it’s no wonder that grey beds are topping the list. Perfectly neutral and versatile, a grey bed can be styled with a number of colours. We love grey paired with pink for a subtly feminine feel.

2. Storage beds – 1056 boards

We all need more storage! A practical, space-saving design is perfect for smaller bedrooms that are tight on storage space or those of us looking for a more serene, minimal style.

3. Wooden beds – 1040

Wooden beds are traditional and homely, and can come in a wide variety of styles, which is probably why they’re number three on list. Even in our own French Bed collection we have a range, from our new Love Story beds, which showcase stunning solid oak, as well as painted, hard-carved wooden beds like our regal Bonaparte French Bed.

4. Upholstered beds – 1032 boards

The upholstered bed gives any room a very luxurious feel. For Parisian style, plain upholstery is the style to opt for. Pair with panelled walls, and white sheets, for the chicest of chic bedrooms. For something opulent and over the top, our Palais de Versailles beds are the only option. Soft, plush velvet button panelling paired with a hand-finished gilt carved frame in pink or blue, it’s a sumptuous bed designed to take your bedroom to the next level.

5. Metal beds – 976 boards

Another very versatile bed, metal beds can be everything from farmhouse style to industrial. As always, we love a romantic bed, so wrought iron or four poster beds would be our choice.

6. Velvet beds – 968 boards

For a lush, textural bedroom, a velvet upholstered bed is the perfect pick. Sumptuous and glamourous, choose a velvet bed if you’re going for that sleek hotel look.

7. Antique beds – 930 boards

An antique bed, or an antique style bed, will give your bedroom a beautifully rich feel. With that added history and craftsmanship, it will be an investment piece that you’ll love for years to come.

8. French beds – 860 boards

We’re not surprised to see French beds in the top 10 on Pinterest. We love them, stylish, luxurious and you’ll wake up feeling like the Queen of France every day. Whether your style is opulence for days or simple but chic, the French beds style has the bed for you.     

9. Four poster beds – 832 boards

A dramatic choice for the bedroom, four poster beds are romantic and sophisticated. They harken back to a simpler time, where the canopy was needed to add extra warmth around the bed. Creating a room within a room, a four-poster bed with canopy is an intimate option, and without creates a bedroom statement.

10. Rattan beds – 540 boards

For a relaxed feel, the natural material of rattan beds are becoming more and more popular. From charming boho vibes to a French Provençal scheme, there are lots of ways to incorporate rattan into your bedroom interior design.

Which is your favourite bed style?